Thursday, 6 October 2016

Work From Home In India Research

So, yes, I've been one of the millions of people trying to make money at the comfort of my home. Sitting on the couch or bed whilst working does sound way more pleasing than in office with a boss after your back. However, being geographically placed in India, I've had my challenges finding a source to obtain these jobs. Firstly, ensuring the authenticity of these sources, i.e to pay me for my hard work. Second, to find these sources that have a payout method for the Indian market, and last but most importantly, a job that would bring in the funds, enough funds to at least cover up the money I'd make sitting at a desk job.

So, like any of you would, I searched for that phrase WORK AT HOME IN INDIA on Google. Well, not just typed it and followed the top four or five links, i had a team of three of us(including me) sit day and night on these search results filtering through all the content we found for about a week, generating leads and calling each one of them, looking up their company names and public reviews. Well, my research is as follows: 99%. Yes, 99% and I kid you not. 99% of them were fraudsters, asking me to make an initial payment of Rs 2,000 to Rs 8,000 to get started, and all of them have had their names up in shining lights in all the websites that had people posting complaints and negative reviews. Either you'd pay them the initial advance deposit and never hear from them ever again, or they'd even make you work for the first month, take their material back and not pay out. Some would ask for another payment to release the hold on the employee's funds, and in some extreme cases, there's been documentation of the employee going into their office to demand money and getting beaten up.

These are people coming from families with a middle class or under middle class backgrounds. I knew a girl who worked as a receptionist at a hotel in Bangalore for a mere Rs. 5,000 per month (This was about 4/5 years back) who hailed from the North Eastern part of India and supported her single parented family who saved up money to invest in one of these schemes, paid the man Rs 8,000/- (must've taken her six months to gather it) who gives her a CD saying he needs to type the PDF files in the CD into MS Word and have it sent to his email, and can you get a load of this, the CD she received was a corrupt CD with absolutely no data, and when she called him, her fears were confirmed. Yeah, he wouldn't answer. Taking advantage of people with aspirations and dreams to start a fresh living just to have it blown to smithereens and with that 'so not awesome' feeling of feeling cheated and fooled.

My next stop was the online websites, I started off by looking into the PTC websites like Clixsense - or NeoBux - and the other less known sites that offer like $0.001 for each advertisement you look at, which turned out to be very legitimate and will payout in chunks of $5 or $8 depending on the websites, but this had a major drawback too - I realized that I couldn't make more than Rs 50 per hour, and I was looking for something that generated way more cash. Tried everything - Data entry, Captcha entry, Online surveys, Watching videos, Downloading apps, etc. We even bought and created a website: and marketed it to make sure we receive registrations from all over the world looking for and to source out work from home or online jobs to make this work out for us and for to educate the general public on how they can make money sitting at home.

And here's my honest opinion: If you're looking for anything above Rs 10,000/- ($150) per month, the online market and the work from home job market is NOT FOR YOU. Go out, get working, get a real job. My apologies.